About Kyla

Hi my name is Kyla Guinon and I am a senior taking Ap Biology.  I love being outside and being active.  I am a competitive swimmer and ride horses.  I also enjoy surfing for fun.  Here is a introduction video that will tell you a little more about me!

All photography by Kyla Guinon

Freeplay Music. Hawaiian Chug. N.d. MP3.


 About Me Reflection

Before AP Bio I have never dreamed of creating a website.  I always imagined that creating a website was an extremely high tech task to accomplish especially for a high school student.  I was very surprised at how easy it was to start up my website.  Word press was very user-friendly especially for someone who does not make websites for a living.  Within a few minutes, I felt that I was a pro at managing my website because everything is so straight forward and easy to find on WordPress.

Some posts that I thought were very interesting were my Science News! post and the Feline Calicivirus Infection.  I chose the topics of Zika Virus and Feline Calicivirus Infection because I was intrigued by both of these topics and the Feline Calicivirus Infection could affect me personally because I am a cat owner.  When given the choice to choose a topic I always tried to choose a topic that I could relate to on a personal level because that way I can make my post more relatable for the reader.

Something important I learned from my other teammate’s blogs was how to make my writing more bubbly and enjoyable for someone to read.  Before starting my website I was used to writing boring english and history essays that have no emotion, however, in order to be a successful blog writer one needs to show emotion in their writing.  Showing emotion in my writing was something I struggled with and at times still, struggle with.  However, when given the chance in class to read and comment on my teammate’s posts they helped teach me to be a better blog writer.  Some examples of this would be directing the question to the reader and almost forming a conversation amongst you and the reader within your writing.  I will definitely take these skills to college with me because who knows I might just have a professor who wants me to create a blog with a marine bio focus!

Dear Future AP Bio Student…

Hi Future AP Bio Students!  Congratulations you are about to embark on a crazy journey of fun filled learning.  The material in AP Bio is never dull and believe it or not everything is related.  This class will help build your confidence as both a student and an individual.  Before you know it your conversations and thinking process will become more advanced and technical.  A major piece of advice I would like to give to all of you is that you NEED to stay on top of your material.  As I say in my video the AP Bio curriculum is not easy, fast paced and it never stops.  If you do fall behind be sure to meet with Mrs. Girard ASAP and talk to your teammates because everyone is there for you and wants you to succeed.  Good effort next year and you will all do AMAZING!


8 thoughts on “About Kyla

  1. Kyla,
    Congratulations! You made it. You finished AP Bio, you finished your website and I think it looks fantastic. Throughout this whole process it is clear that you grew as a person, as a student and I think also as a writer. If you go back to your early posts on this site you can tell that you are not quite sure of yourself and how to really write about the topics you are studying. If you compare those with your later posts you are clearly more comfortable with the content and how to make your posts readable (to anyone, no matter the audience). You also become more comfortable with how to really make the website your own…embedding videos, linking your tweets and just general website management. From my perspective I think this has been a very valuable experience for you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you SOOOO much Rachel! And thank you for being such an amazing formal commentator. each and every one of your comments was very insightful and really helped guide me in making my website more creative and interactive!

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  2. Your website looks amazing! You can tell through your writing that you are very passionate about the topics that you are studying and how much you care. You’ve made your website into something that is easy to navigate with information that is easily comprehended. This seems as if you’ve had a great understanding of what you’ve learned overall and how those in the class in the future will enjoy it!

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  3. Kyla!!!! I’m so proud of us for making it through the year!! I loved seeing your blog posts improve throughout the year, as I would receive email notifications each time you posted. Looking through all of your posts now, I can definitely tell the amount of work you put into each and every one and I loved how you included so many pictures and slideshows! I hope you’ll be able to apply everything you learned this year to your marine bio major – best of luck at Sonoma State!! #SwimmersDoScience forever!

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  4. I am so impressed with your website! I can tell you put a lot of effort and time into this. I appreciate your creativity with the titles of each section! This website definitely shows your growth not only in this subject but in other skills as well! I really admire the effort, creativity, and passion you put into this website! The videos you included helped make the website more interactive and interesting, which I love! Your website is very easy to understand so I am sure the future AP Bio students will benefit from it!

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  5. Kyla, What a journey! I am so glad I got to spend 2 years of your NDB journey with you. Thank you for never giving up! I am inspired by your determination…despite what challenges came your way, you kept working and striving for success…and YOU ACHIEVED SUCCESS! You are a talented, creative, dedicated, supportive young woman. We need marine biologists like you…go out there and make a difference! Be sure you stay connected and let me know about your adventures. I can’t wait to hear about them 🙂


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